Blogging is silly

“Blogging is silly”

“No one wants to read that”

“That’s obvious– why would anyone need to read that”

“That’s just stupid to blog about”

These kind of ideas always fill my head when I think about the next thing to write a blog post about. They always have– which is the primary reason I haven’t blogged in years.  A friend of mine recently shared with me the great success he’s had with his products, and he contributes a lot of it to the blogs on his websites, along with some other SEO efforts. Considering I’ve done a lot of similar things with less success, I have to believe that the blogging made the difference.

The bottom line, is every blog entry won’t be a piece of invaluable information. It may not change anyone’s lives or even solve anyone’s problems– but building blog content and linking to appropriate pages on my own site and others should help in the long term. And there’s nothing silly or stupid about the success that my friend has had blogging about his software releases, etc.